Dorothy, Cinderella & Jade

Today I feel like Dorothy... or Cinderella perhaps? because H&M have blessed me with these bad boy shoes! at a time when everything else seemed bland and dreary like our 'spring'. 1. All things Gold are my thing and these beauties look so darn expensive, and that's it. I bet if I told you I bought them for £18 you wouldn't believe me. Originally only £25 I spotted them in the Oxford street flagship store, THE ONLY SIZE 6 a little too good to be true though as they had a tiny little scratch on them. I quickly had a look online and all sizes except 7.5 were sold out.  

So You know what happened next.

I've also fallen in love with everything else in this photo for different reasons.

Fountain 'Glow Molecule' Acai Flavour- A daily dietary supplement that I have been taking consecutively for the past month. Tastes So yummy and you can feel the glow :) 

Larsson & Jennings Watch- A very special gift that I oozed over for almost 2 years, its beautifully crafted with a classic yet modern flare. There's just something about Gold.

The 5 Minute Journal- 'The toothbrush for the mind', it is a great way to begin your day with positivity and gratitude for what you have... which will attract what you want. 

Matte Marble iPhone Case- £3.99 from H&M...STUNNING

This was really a sneak peak into a Video I'll be posting very soon on my Channel so keep your eyes open for more :)