My 1st Time Networking Like A Pro | Magnet Look

Dress / Zara 
 Sandal Mules / Zara
Earrings & Choker / Primark 
Photos Taken By Lauren Nicole

I recently attended the Magnet Look Industry event with my friend Bumi at the beautiful Andaz Hotel. This was actually my 1st networking focused event believe it or not. As a new-ish Blogger & Youtuber I went in quite nervous, unsure of what to expect but ready to put my best foot forward and represent my 'brand' as best I could. I met some wonderful people & took away some great tips...

Fake it 'till you make it

I was NERVOUS but i've noticed that nerves work for me, I get this boost of energy, I sold 'fake' confidence which everyone bought. See when you believe in your craft, you are passionate about it and you can articulate it well... you're on a roll.

Always look the part and be photo ready

This is key in the fashion/ beauty industry which i'm sure you know, but remember you are a walking advert for your business. you want to look put together and comfortable. Plus everyone remembers the girl in the pretty dress right? 

Network Makes The Dream Work 

Smile. Shake hands. Ask questions! I found this quite awkward at 1st walking up to strangers and introducing myself, but I had to remind myself why I was there... to meet like minded people who I could potentially learn from/ work with.. so please don't feel like you're inappropriately bombarding people. oh and don't just nod in awe lol listen to them... 

Always have a notebook

Because you will have things to jot down! Tips / words of wisdom  / websites etc etc etc. Which brings me onto my Golden tip! 

Business Cards Are Life!

For some reason it never crossed my mind to get any made, I guess I didn't feel like I was actually running a 'business', But when everyone is handing you their cards and asking for yours you quickly begin to feel like a naughty child who didn't hand in their homework.. yep. not to worry if you haven't got them yet GET A NOTEBOOK :) 

Keep your social media names/ branding consistent 

Yesss this is a biggy which makes life so much easier, I've been the person that's tried to cram all of my SM names into a bio and exceeded the character count I was so kindred to my old Instagram name @Jadeismore which to me was different, and memorable... But it was too different to everything else so I decided to just be plain- jade with @Jadevanrielx (sums me up pretty well i think) and so because I didn't have business cards all I had to do was write my name in their notebooks and bobs your uncle 

Aim to be your own expert 

I'm not saying fight down your competition because the way I see it I have no competition if i am being myself... Nobody else can be you right?  I spoke to a lady who completely blew my mind, she was constantly approached and yet she found the time to plant a few invaluable seeds in my mind. 

.Put in the work- Grind!  Everybody knows this, but do you really act on those words? I hope so! I have gone through nights editing videos sleeping for 4hrs and heading to work the next day. why? because I enjoy it, I'm excited to see the end result! and nobody takes an inconsistent / I blog but I haven't posted in a month 'blogger' seriously #facts, 

2. Find that 1 thing you want to be remembered for and work on it! This had me thinking forever about what I was really good at. If I think about all of my fav Bloggers/ Vloggers I can pinpoint 1 thing that I like them for, so find your thing, nurture it, work on it and expose it! 

I hope you liked This post, have I left out some valuable info that should be up here? feel free to leave your comments and share this with some fellow new bloggers :) 

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