Bank Holiday Blues

Hello Blog! 

So we just embarked on a bank holiday weekend and I thought I would share some snippets of mine. I pretty much lazed around, slept and ate the days away, which was awesome. I did manage to organise a little spa break at The Hilton Syon Park, which was so so needed. See below x

After checking in we headed straight to the spa for a lovely massage, which pulled me into a sleep coma until dinner time.

Outfit Details

Waistcoat & Bandeau dress // Zara 
Strappy calf heels // Asos

Dinner & Drinks 

The next morning I again indulged in more food at the yummy buffet breakfast! headed home and pretty much sulked all week. The things i miss? watching TV in the shower, Chilling on the balcony, the greenery, the food & the strong cocktails! :(