April Jewels Day

Hi Guys 

Happy Easter and a very happy April, we have officially entered the 2nd quarter of the year! and spring apparently.. Today I bring you some April Jewels, no fools over here when I say that all of the above jewels and beauty products have changed my life!
(click on the names to get to the products) 

Body shop
  • Baked-to-last bronzer---  I've been using this as a shimmery highlight rather than an actual bronzer as I'm used to sleeks contour and highlight kit and it it's been the prefect finishing touch.
  • Insta blur 5-action perfecter--- English: the best primer i have encountered thus far lol I have never really been a primer fan, I thought they were basically an oily product that would clog my pores result in break outs however, this baby has actually protected my skin with a nice flawless layer, to which I owe my 'smooth skin' too. 

  • Pearl bracelets--- I love the detailed simplicity of the bangles so much that I've worn them quite a few times in the space of 4 days. They're so pwiddy!


  • Masterpiece transform 'high impact volumising' mascara--- Is it me or do mascaras always have lengthy names, why is this? especially the ones in ANTM lol anyway this product is the perfect alternative to lashes if youre not that good and quick at putting them on. It gives me that elongated natural but not natural tumblr girl lash type look. It's very similar to the Benifit 'they're real' mascara but it's half the price. yes purchase it! 

Burberry Beauty 
  • Burberry Body Milk--- Love the bottle. Love the scent. Love the fluidity and the finish! 

And there you have it, I hope you enjoyed my commentary, we shall speak soon.