I purchased LUCK by Avon after my mum raved about how much it was ME.. Sweet & fresh! the gift set includes a Body spray, Eau de parfum & body lotion all for £12 (which you can buy separately) As the Bargain queen I just had to share this. Over the weekend I also found the above gold padlock necklace for £3 in h&m which was perfect as I have matching padlock earrings. Along with the eyelash curler which I probably won't use! but it's Gold so you know...

And lastly my Ele-bank was placed in the photos yes because it's gold and I'm obsessed with it lol but I later realized there was a little hidden message that resonates with me so well at the moment :-)

"We should never rely on luck to get us closer to our dreams, we should actively take steps to be disciplined, BOLD and Golden"  

- Jade Variel xo