Afternoon Tea Please!

Jacket - H&M studio collection  // Floral blouse - Zara Amsterdam 2 years ago // Jeans - Zara // Boots - Zara 

On Sunday my mother and I went to the Colonnade for Afternoon Tea, Situated right by 'little Venice' the hotel oozed everything I love about west London. Having grown up around here I definitely took my surroundings for granted and now as an outsider looking in I adore how picturesque everything is... not to mention my LOVE for period dramas and films like 'Mr Selfridge' 'Belle' and 'Pride & Prejudice'. I really do believe that in another life I lived in a grand house like this with great paintings and a beautiful parlor but for now i'm content with afternoon tea, scones and de-crusted sandwiches it's the little things that bring me happiness :-) 

God help my future family!