Thursday at The Fable

On Thursday the 29th of January I of course indulged in my favourite pastime.. dining. For my aunts birthday. I had never heard about the fable and was pleasantly surprised by the architecture, so modern and yet surrounded by some original London features. We walked in and the ambiance felt so mysterious and cool which to me is just as important as the food. Once we were seated it was time to check out the ladies room which I fell in love with! ceiling to floor mirrors everywhere and various feel good quotes jotted around made the perfect backdrop for photos lol

I opted for a simple look for two reasons 1. because I wanted to wear some of the bargains I purchased and 2. I had 45 minutes to get ready after work!

Dinner was served and my eyes literally paused lol here's the secret, this meal plus a glass of prosecco was £16 yes steak, lobster, onion rings, chips and an unwanted tomato. (take it in) And we had an amazing waiter who continuously filled our glasses.

The surprise birthday cakes were so yummy I practically stole one from my aunt. It was like a chocolate brownie sandwich filled with cream and berries mmmmm...

The whole time my cousins and I were pledging that we would be back, very soon. we loved it. I just don't know why I hadn't heard of it before! 

I'll be doing more foody posts!