Paris NYE Photo album!

Bonne Année  ! 

And welcome back to my blog.

 I'ts been almost a year since I last posted! and exactly 2 years ago I wrote my 1st ever post. Honestly I can't fathom exactly why i'ts been so long BUT I figured I would come back and see if I still had the knack for it (did I ever?) So, during my time away I graduated from uni, turned 21, became a big sister and an aunt! entered the real world of adulthood etc etc etc. Moving on, I spent the new year transition in Paris with one of my best friends and we had an amazinggggg time. I thought why not start as you mean to go on Jade.. and so I embraced tourisian life (tourist in paris) being that it was my 1st time visiting I had to take loads of  (cliche) photos! 1054 to be exact. Most of which  contained various angles of the Eiffel tower and horrifying angles of my face! (no i didn't get a selfie stick for Christmas)

The condensed photo album just for you guys!! 

 Day 1- NYE

We arrived in Paris super early, with red eyes and croaky voices but when we got to our hotel the last thing we wanted to do was waste time sleeping! so we did as much as we physically could before our NYE seine river cruise...


Thinking about food 

yes please!

Arc Du Triumphe


Somewhere near the Eiffel Tower

The seine river cruise 

The Count down!

Day 2- NYD

It was about time we had a savory crepe! 

Notre dame 

Musee d'orssay

Tour Eiffel

Our intention was to get on the tower that night, but the cue disregarded our plans . So we opted for an early visit the next morning.

we stumbled here 

Day 3- Jan 2nd

Our last day in Paris began on a high and ended on one! Yes a spot of  Shopping.

London you embarrassment!
Eiffel et Eiffel 

Montparnasse Tower 

I want you to understand how amazing this was. sorbet- Macaron- yummy fruits!

Sacré-Cœur Basilica

Place De La Concorde

Then we started feeling spendy.

Meanwhile we stumbled across our home away from home which had armed guards who wouldn't let anybody walk beside it! blimey 

Then there was my 1st Sephora experience


And we left satisfied.

Despite how cold it was (iI was well prepared wearing 4 layers minimum) I loved every minute of it. I found myself making comparisons between Paris & London lol I will say that Paris has some breath taking scenery, it oozes history, culture and  holds a commendable tolerance for over the top tourists like me - and we are everywhere. However Using their 'still going strong' Metro, learning that the french do not quit understand the perimeter of ones personal space, oh and the uncomfortable sights of patrolling armed police.. made me appreciate my home a little more. I promise you though, I will be going back especially now that i've got a Sephora loyalty card!

I fell in Love with Paris

JV x