Face on form = Life on form

How shallow is my Title? 

On the weekend I decided enough was enough! It was time to hunt for my beloved sleek face form 'contouring and blush palette' I went to Superdrug and of course they didn't have Dark in stock. So I went to my local Afro-Caribbean hair shop and viola, the only problem was I left the store with so much more than planned. So how does ones make up palette get into such a state? well a few years ago I purchased the original sleek contour kit and after a week it magically disappeared hmmm. I then forced myself to get the above and have held onto it for dare life. 1.Because finding it in Dark isn't that easy and 2. We forged a special bond and due to this palette I have been able to take some 'fleeky' selfies (vom).

To me make up is just that, I'm not a fanatic, I can appreciate a good 'beat' face and look in awe hoping that one day i'll be that skilled. But this tendency to hold onto things that are somewhat decrepit and past its sell by date became evident in other areas of my life. I would say i'm a very forgiving person, which yes it's the right thing to do but when does enough become enough? I have often given people many chances when in hindsight life would have been much simpler if I had just let go. I have often continued stuffing my face despite the feeling of my stomach about to pop and I have used and used a broken make up palette only for it to betray me and spill its contents all over my white desk! It is true that when one door closes another opens and I promise to bare that in mind the next time i'm faced with such choices. I don't know how I got from make up to my complex human behaviour but  I enjoyed that self anaylsis! And if you haven't got one of these palettes where have you been! 

Jade XO