Jade takes I B I Z A


I hope you're all having a beautiful sunday! I got back from Ibiza a few days ago..and  I needed some time to recuperate before even going through photos and the crazy memories ! And i'm currently on a month detox because... Anyway whoever said Ibiza wasn't beautiful LIED lol today I'll be sharing some highlights from my trip.  below is what I wore on my flight, I flew with easyjet and we all know those budget airlines like to keep their passengers cold so I brought a denim jacket with me ;-)

Vest Topshop // pants Zara // bag H&M // glasses Chloe // watch MK 

So.. the 8 of us landed at about 2am Ibiza time, meaning the start of the night! so we all showered, changed and hit the strip...the next morning I decided to get settled in.
I made an attempt at unpacking haha.. and later realised that half my planned outfits and all my bras were a waste as I spent most days in a bikini with some sort of cover up! 

moving on..
 one out of 7 days (I've forgotten the order of things lol) I went for a morning sun soak

Threw on a cover up and off we went to 'pukka up' boat party


Zoo Project

The animalistic thing wasn't for me lol I chose to be a multicoloured bunch of flowers , plus I needed it to match my bikini...rarely am I ever in a matchy mood lol 

Don't worry those evil shots were not all mine! After 2 I really didn't' care about anyone else around I was doing all kinds of dancing haha and that's how it should be!


One of many crazy nights. One I managed to get proof of lol

My "I'm the 1st one ready" face

Birds eye view of Soul City

The next afternoon..

 Bora Bora time

there's only so much lazing I could do

Errrm...walk of shame??

Chinese for dinner

We had an unexpected early night lol I was craving  crepe the next morning whilst everyone was still slumped.

Then I went to chill with some friends staying on the bay.


I remember this day going s quickly! before I knew it, it was time to get ready for the nights events  'Ibiza Loves Afrobeats'...PACKED

Fun fair/ food/ ocean beach club

It got dark sooooo quickly

After this dreadful ride I was quite disoriented and in need of a meal! A crepe wouldn't cut it 

And on the last day my energy was non-existent!

After eating and packing and erasing the traces of my swetty betty antics (sun bathing) we said a well deserved THANKS & TOODLES to Ibiza! I was exhausted...6 days of non stop eventing & partying!! I must admit I really thoroughly suprisingly astonishingly enjoyed  my week there.... I actually thought I'd regret going but I was impressed that we had the ability to mix hard partying and relaxation. No matter what though I always miss the cuddles from my dog lol


Even after 3 holidays this year, the temptation is real! I'm becoming acustom to not being in London.. I just had a conversation with a friend regarding a getaway, anyone have a lovely cottage or beach house in the UK I could visit? I should also thank all my readers for reading and staying with me since my 1st ever post "paint the year red" in January!  and all the positive and sweet feedback I recieve.. you guys actually enjoy my ranting and excessive photos (i've found my home lol) if your reading for the 1st time THANKS and you liked this post you'll LOVE "let's have a dam Chinwag" -amsterdam  & "the photo album; Thailand"  I can't wait to share some new things with you alllllll 

Enjoy. Comment.spread the golden love