New tourist in town

Hi Guys!

 I'm sure you've noticed my regular blogging...I hope you have enjoyed lol and if you haven't learn to deal with it! because there's plenty more to come :-D Today I bring a summary of what I got up to yesterday, which was the hottest day of the year so far bla bla blaaaaaa. anyway have a guess what i did... You read the title! lol my friend who is visiting from Nottingham and I were tourists in my home town London (she's a certified tourist) finally viewing London through the eyes of the people we locals find rather annoying to be quite frank. I don't know if it's their overly chirpy spirits and eagerness to take photos of everything or their lack of assimilation into our ' always walk as if you are late' way of being.. well I wanted to emulate these people and so easily did i  became the unexpected lol Naomi also gave me my first birthday gift of the year and it was Spot on! 


Now you all know I love me some good food, I was in the area and I can never resist a pasta from Vaps.. The atmosphere is always buzzing and we managed to find a lovely window to sit by and admire the sunshine.. and admire the outfits of passers by lol I got the Scampi e Spinaci which was yummy. whilst Naomi was craving a hearty Salami Pizza, and we both got a summery glass of Rose wine x

Quick snaps in the ladies room

We then walked down Regents street to get to the tour bus office in Piccadilly circus. Let me just say it was not easy to find and that's coming from someone who knows the area rather well, I can't imagine what Tourists go through. Remember last summer when all the flags were up for the Olympics?

The bus tour

we chose the yellow route which went through varioussssss places to get to  Buckingham palace, The houses of parliament & Big ben ( and did you know that Big Ben isn't actually called Big ben?)

The River cruiseeeeeee

For me this was the highlight! I absolutely loved it, the sun glistening over the water, which didn't seem as grimy as usual. The warm breeze... and all the beautiful shiny architecture among old historical buildings.... it was then that I experience my pivotal tourist moments. Sitting right at the front not only admiring london,  but we also found interest in the very handsome tour guide ;-)

Each pod on the London eye represents a London borough e.g Westminster, Camden, Brent, Kensington & Chelsea 

The boat dropped us off by the beautiful tower bridge (often mistaken for London Bridge) which was perfect because it was closer to our next destination- Shorditch. My friend wanted to take a few pics in Brick lane and that's what we did!
 proper tourists init 

Then we decided to celebrate Mr Boris Johnson's masterpiece

 The Barclays Bike

I would have taken so much  more photos BUT I chose not to bring my camera out because i didn't want the extra weight and obvs my iphone has shady battery life! I am not going to look online for one of those chargers that don't need electticity...it's that real I need to charge on the go.

Ahhhhh my 20th Birthday is in 2 days!