London at my feet

Yesterday marked the start of the London 'heatwave' and boy was it HOT. I'll admit I was complaining about the sticky humidity for a while until I remembered how badly I'd been wishing and hoping and praying for it to come... and here it is! I just checked the weather on my iPhone and it its lasting all week! so my birthday will be nice and warm yaaaay! (Thursday). My spirits have risen and i'm sooooo happy lol I'm taking my bike out of storage tomorrow! I expect BBQ invites thanks, picnics, outings all sorts! anywho  It was a picture perfect day, I met up with one of my bestest friends Shanice who is the beauty blogger at Love from Shanice we took a stroll down Regents street and ended up eating at  Burger & Lobster for late lunch/early dinner = Linner?

The waiters ass is a problem lol

I chose Lobster over Burger of course.. and a yummy passion & grape fruit enthused spritzer, so glad because it was a fusion of heaven & fireworks in my stomach ..meanwhile planning the dessert and drinks to come, I know my cravenness is RIDIC. After this we were determined to absorb in some yummy sweet things and I knew the perfect place! my secret location in London that's very dear to me (sorry guys I may reveal it soon but for now enjoy my pics lol) first stop? the bar!

Quickly sending mum a text before my phone died

A Pina & Creme Brulee will do, cheers to the good life!

The British Museum is huge

can you spot the gherkin?

 not very good shots. I was a little...

We had an amazing dayyyyyyyyy I could get used to having London at my feet yo! my imagination ran wild.. with my phone dead I had time to relax and think about the London life I will have, I marked out where my city apartment will be, where i'll work, blog ideas, day trips I want to organize, driving eventually.


 My City is beautiful 

Live Golden