Polo in the Park 2013


On Sunday I went to Polo in the park to watch the finals; Abu dhabi v Sydney ( Team Abu) which took place in Fulham. The weather wasn't great, the previous days leading to the finals got the best of British weather :-(  regardless though I made it my duty to follow tradition and get my glad rags on! lol  

Right after this I was style spotted for backofthewardrobe.com (crowned with the 'best use of texture' check it out!) and I had to pose with various onlookers peering at me..kinda fun though. After the awkwardness was over we had a stroll through the park, admiring the dapper attire and cutesy stalls, I really wasn't photo fanatic like I usually am, here's a few to keep you all quiet. 

Someone won this hammock, quite frankly it should have been me.

 So happy to have met him lol

10 minutes before the game started I had to get some food, it took me a while to decide what stall to go to..too much choice! this lovely concoction was meatballs, rice, salad & coleslaw.
so yummy 

Then it was game time!

 They each have 4 Ponies that they must switch over throughout the game, the grey Ponies were the best. 

During half time the tradition goes like this; 'pivot stamping' occurs when the audience are invited onto the grounds to turn the mud over and stamp it all back in place after the ponies have trod it all out of place (they are never referred to as horses btw)

 I couldn't be asked to get my heels muddy.. tradition my A** !

The only reason why I was rooting for Abu dhabi is simply because they were the under dogs, every one was cheering for Sydney and quite frankly it was a bit unfair lol nonetheless one could not completely disregard talent when one sees it! so cheerio to Mr Marcus Elija who practically played alone and won it for Sydney the man can hit and ride well..  

The trick is to play polo from the age of 5 and you'll win trophies like thisssss

Over all it was a cool, chilled atmosphere and a great experience, plenty were drunk and living life lol I  had the privilege of seeing a few posh totty stumble and fall knees in grass, Oh dear I say Haha!