Thailand Photo Album!

I just want to say get prepared you will see loads of Photos so I suggest you have a twinkle or grab a cuppa before you scroll down.

The long awaited arrival

Bangkok city


I was in the meditative spirit 

The perfect combination of Tradition ...

 The Pomergranate man and his special Juice!

and modernity...

 Sawadee kaa

TV's on the train 

crazy views from the platform

And ice cream at the stations..does it get any better?

 MBK shopping centre

I don't think there are much road laws or limits in Thailand the people drive crazyyyyy but nobody gets into accidents they just use common sense on the road.. take note London.

Tuck Tucks are literally the most efficient way to get around Bangkok paying as little as £2 pounds for a 45 minute journey (which they'll do in 20) below is some poor footage, but its footage none the less.

Yummy Things 


 Chiang Mai suburbia

see what I mean about non-existant road laws Ha!

Why don't we have Dunkin' :-(

we were like 'oh yh the texture does change the older they get' lol

The relationships the workes have with the Tigers are just incredible, the bond is so real, they know them all by name, its just awesome!

Elephant Suprise..........!

 At this point I had no idea where we were heading. the story tht our guide guy told me and my brother  went along the lines of..... 'meet my family' so I just assumed we were going to see how natives lived in the hills. Beacause thats all I could see lol

 we stopped at this shop for 'snacks' as it was 'going to be a long journey' and it was polite to bring soming along with us to give to this 'family' my dads words.

5 minutes later we parked up here.. so I thought beautiful scenery = Mini photoshooooot

and this was me posing, oblivious, confused at the faint sound of bells and thai commands... I was thinking " :s his family are really native " 

Then I saw this...

And I screameddddd with excitement lol then it was time to HIKE up the hills

The anticipation was real!

Finally after a little power nap and lesson it was time to pardyyyy

Oh and those 'snacks' were for this cheeky little Boy!

Putting our new ound skills into practice was a whole lot easier than I expected. The elephants were so brilliant.

I was so comfortable, and in absolute awe at the fact that I was riding an elephant DOWN  a hill

Washing them was mind blowing, seeing them relaxed and obediant.. It was beautiful honestly I'd do this all again and everytime would feel like the 1st. These elephants were rescued by my 'tour guide' and others because of disgusting, heartless tusking. they depend on donations and live for the wellbeing of these elephants, who to them are family. Its worrying to think that my future Grandchildren may only see an elephant in a story book...I think its something everyone should experience, there is no other animal like the remarkable elephant.

Koh Samui island

A taste of island living 

Casually taking some photos and noticed a buffalo chilling across the road 

a pack of dogs 

and a deserted car (which I found pretty cool)


cocktails galore 


I had to stop and take a pic of this cuteeee doggy! 

Thai Massage needed!


This fish was amazing! 

look at what I saw in Tesco-Lotus .. its actually not Nigerian so don't be fooled lol

Lamai Beach 

Me and the bro

Suttle entertainment lol

Me beaten by the sun

Some activities in the scorching heat (good and bad idea)


muay Thai

I look like a hot ass mess. Champ! ;-)

Morning Yoaga

 The atmosphere was perfect, in the midst of a calming silence and the feel of the suttle morning sun. I wish I had done more sessions whilst on the island.

My last day as an Island girl :-(

  We decided to explore the stone remains from the old folk tale of the Grandfather (Hin Ta) and Grandmother (Hin Ya) rocks, and this is what we saw en route..

I couldn't just walk past the swing lol

I walked down these 'steps' with sandals.. oh the accomplishement!

and we found the infamous Rock bar! this place was interesting as we walked through to get closer to the rocks we were greeted by HIGH thai people, and some good old Reggae vibes looool some how Jamaica managed to influence thailand as i saw so much jamaican and Rastafarian tributes!

 FINALLY FOUND THE GENITALS...well I found the male parts

  I thought I found the female part (see the resemblance?)

 But I was wrong! these are the established genitals I found on Google, soooo weird right? eww

So this is the story behing the personified Rocks.. 'The grandfather and Grandmother (who were not yet grandparents) lived with their son who was ready to fly the nest. One day they decided to sail to the neighbouring area to ask for the hand of the daughter of a man named Ta Monglai. During their sea journey, their boat was seized by a storm.. Oh no! The old man and his wife were unable to swim ashore. They died at sea, turning into rocks as proof to the would-be bride's parents of their true intentions. The rocks stand there to this day. 

Moving on then 

These Pretty little shrines were everywere, in the streets, shops etc


Island girl what you wanting with the white mans world? Not a damn thing!

who knew littering could be so pretty 

 Then the icing on the cake was blotted.. I spotted the famous little monkey and his owner! the owners walk him along Lamai beach every day arong 4pm so if you guys ever visit Koh Samui go see him, he's adoarble ( do not go empty handed, he wants treats lol)

I was laughing because he was concentrating on plucking this womens unwaxed/unshaven hairs (shame on her) meanwhile I looked like a little monkey myself LOL way too excited! 

After his little play time he came over to say hi Awww

That was my last time soaking up the Koh Samui sunrays :-( after this I stuffed my face, packed and had an early night.

yes I ate loads of Pad Thai because its amazing, this was the 1st one I had with carrots the rest had beansprouts...We had a flight back to Bangkok where we stayed for two days before heading back to London Via Dubai...

Even the crazy streets of Bangkok were sad to see me go

Fake smiling and pictures were the best ways to kill time waiting for the taxi to the airport.

The Thais really resoect and love their royal family..unlike some. They have pictures of them everywhere!

6 and a half hours later in Dubai and another 6 to go

I was so close to tears when I left, those were literally the best 2 weeks of my life so far, opening up a greedy appetite for more travelling. The list is endless, Brazil, Japan, Morocco, south Africa, Ghana, cuba, Jamaica (no i've never been considering my heritage) New zealand hopefully soon to visit one of my best friends and I would love to spend time in Dubai or Abu Dhabi and not just fly through.

I get sad looking at these pictures..and despise England more and more lol

That is all

I hope you enjoyed