Portobello loves me

Greetings all

 I have always acclaimed my love for bella market, whenever i'm back in london I try to visit because me leaving with some beauties is always a guarantee. I don't usually  have specific things in mind and tend to go where my eyes take me.. buy until my hearts content. This time I had a plan! and I finally had the guts to take some snaps in my home town. 
 I was a woman on a mission baby! 

Jacket - Pull & Bear
Necklace - H&M
Knit vest - H&M

 Bag- Amsterdam
Leggings - Zara
Booties - unkown lol

My Goodies 

She wore my Chanel Broche well but me... :-D

 A bit of Bella

My camera met some old friends
You can never have too many
My mum should have got this hat!

That orange bowler!
cultural art
Nottinghill carnival at its best
How inventive B-)
Love a guy in tailoring
I can't wait to whip mine out this summer 
Some colour in the midst of grey London
Talented musicians 

crazy musicians 
The colour of her coat is beutiful 
The crowd that blocked me :(
fitness in the park; perfect 

I left so so happy that day, all I ask is that Bella continues to show me love otherwise i'll have to give more attention to my side chick (Spitalfields).

Side Note: 

Revision has been killing me this week! 

The weather is a big fat tease!

 I feel fat! 

I miss my dog!

 Booking another Holiday tomorrow!

I splurged in Zara/ Topshop and H&M (i'm supposed to be saving..well I am)

Please Pray for my sanity during the next 4 weeks