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Welcome to Karma Cafe... at Karma we have no menus, you get what you deserve! 

I do a lot of reading, and something I always come across is The fundamental Buddhist principle of Karma, something that all religions, worlds and people teach. We all know what Karma is, but not all of us live with it in mind...We are all born with an eye for right and wrong but its how we are molded that determines who we become.  I know of people who will sit and discuss another's misfortune as a form of entertainment, then play the victim when 'bad luck' decides to follow them around! when will people wake up and realize that they are in control of their own lives 'Like attracts Like'.

 I believe many people today lack much substance, conscious thought and most of all self esteem... Many act without a bone of compassion or independence. I look at my generation and all I see are carbon copies. People are all about their Image, external factors are zilch without the internals support, I'ts unfortunate that my generation think their confidence lies within material things.  So many try  hard to be different and end up being the same, fitting in, why? because everyone got that memo. The ideal is not to 'be different' but to be 'you' there is no need for stoicism and Facades.  Express you, not what you see, because what you see is just that, and it fades.

'What is success?' I came across this simple question on twitter and it had me thinking... 'doesn't that depend on what the person in question wants for themselves?'  To me success is unique to every unique being. Nobody should have the same goals and reasons for achieving success. Yes there are common characteristics such as a great job, financial stability, a happy family bla bla bla. But what about the feeling success brings? what about the success you already have? exclude the success everyone else is aiming for, whats yours?

Karma lies within us all, instinct, morals, uniqueness, talents. I ask that you don't ignore them.  When did assimilation become cool? when did a lack of substance become sexy? when did material things become the only motivation? I am aware that the topic of discussion from face value may seem to be about 'individuality' your right, however Karma is an individual Law that effects everyone... When you act, act as 'The real you' because I have seen to much fakery within my short 19 years and 8 months of life. LOL

Something to leave with; Karma is only a bitch if you are.


I just felt the need to express the above. please continue with your beautiful lives :D

Peace & love xo