Let's have an Amster- Dam Chinwag

Hallo guys! 

I've been back from Amsterdam a week now and its taken me that long to blog! shame on me lol. In my defense I have been busy academically, mentally, spiritually you name it but i'm hereeeee. I hope you all enjoyed Valentines day one way or another, and took my advice from my last post (if applicable to you of course). The past week has seen the innovative Keek app take center stage (basically video instagram), I've had the app for over a week yet I cannot bring myself to post 1 video, as I've said previously I have an addictive personality, therefore, I prefer to gallivant and watch everyone else's videos. I follow some crazy and imaginative people...keep it up please (btw I linked my Keek beside my twitter and instagram, just in case I have a life changing experience which needs to be keek'd). 

Anyway lets talk Amsterdam shall we? 

Warning: picture overload ahead

The journey

Since when was South end in London?

The City

Beautiful, authentic, cultured, cosmopolitan, Eco friendly, clean... I saw all of those characteristics as soon as I left the airport (which I hate due to a few kerfuffles- one of the girls I went with... her bag stolen, and the 'police' were rather insensitive but moving on..) as soon as we stepped out of the cab outside our apartment we had to come to terms with the bicycle lanes! lol yes I was so close to the end, but I was in absolute awe. I remember thinking 'Oh my Gosh this is perfect! why don't I live here?' I just wanted to ride around with them but I didn't get round to hiring a bike :( I did make use of the trams though :)

I'm so proud of this snap!

Our Apartment 

Familiar with America's next top model? think back to when the girls first get into their apartment.. screaming, running, claiming beds....yh it was crazy.

Very modest on the outside..
Look at how close the bicycle lane is to the pedestrian pavement!
The inside however...Why don't I live like this everyday?

The first night touch up
The best place.. for WiFi !
It was a long night, all i wanted was good WiFi! 

I wanted to fly
We flew together lol
The end.

What I actually did

Honestly, not much lol 5 out of the 7 of us were there to you know experience lawlessness. Me and my friend being the only non-smokers and non-cake eaters decided to do what tourists do; sight see, eat, shop, explore which we did but nothing close to what we had planned! we needed more time :( No regrets though we were tourists for a few days in an interesting city and we definitely had our fare share of craziness on that trip! below are some more snaps.. loads more


Tourist shopping..

Mac ladies
vain moment

I wanted to buy all those mens hats
Temptation is real
My 'clog bank' isn't it cute 
A miniature Selfridges too me lol

 Reminded me of Carnaby street
So this guy looked as if he was about to milk the cow,
looking quite farmer-esque 
I don't know what to tell ya. Interesting maybe? 
You know I had to visit Zara.. Yes I bought a fewww things,
 I didn't buy this jumper  it just looked nice on camera lol
This beautiful building is E spirit,Their stores in the UK don't look like this. 

Negen Straatjes (Nine streets: full of  vintage and artsy boutiques).. 

I wanted to go on a boat ride, but nobody else did, sigh..
 I settled with  a picture lol

This boutique was everything! great motto
How adorable.

Where I fell in love  
The owner gave me her card! which I cannot find :(
A sucker for love
Got this baby for only 25 euros another bargain.

Coffee anyone?

Walking into The green house coffee shop was an interesting experience,
 perhaps 'suffocation' would best explain it.
Inside  the Greenhouse

 we decided to get a few shots while they did their thing

Another one; The owners were completely off their heads giggling!
 (1 black guy with an american accent, 1 white guy which made it even more funny)

A weed corner shop/ take away/ museum. Literally  
The menu
The gallery 
The news stand and library
Another one! they really are everywhereeeeee

Local market..

Double fur was vital, sorry  

I don't know why this guy was being interviewed,  I wish I spoke dutch!

I saw this dog breed everywhere, so cute.. I think its a Jack Russell or Parsons

 Beautiful sights in the midst of the red lights..

And that was my Amsterdam experience, I took so many pictures its crazy, I was constantly faced with beautiful sights that I just didn't want to forget! I didn't plan on adding a caption on every photo btw but I had loads to say, nothing new lol

So Ladies & gentlemen remember if you happen to visit Amsterdam..

Hold on tightly to your belongings, Like everywhere, they know who the tourists are.

Be careful when crossing the road (look out for the bikes, trams, buses and cars all at once)

Lastly be a tourist! it's a beautiful cultured city with more to offer than Weed and the red light district!

Dag, Gauw tot ziens x